The Marketing People? Meet The Marketing Dogs.

meet the marketing dogs

meet the marketing dogs

Meet The Marketing People’s furriest recruits, Chopsy (Pug) and George (French Bulldog).
The picture may trick you into thinking they’re lazing in the sun, not doing much. What they’re actually doing is guarding the office….with their eyes closed.
It’s not easy being a dog you know.
We want to know if you take your pets to work too?


George the French bulldog and Chops the pug are our resident Marketing Dogs. They are full of fun, cuteness and even sometimes some useful pointers too. You can follow their adventures through their blog, or see their latest updates on twitter.

Is Your Business Facebook Page Set Up Correctly?

Is your business facebook page set up correctly

>Is your business facebook page set up correctly

Facebook Timeline will be implemented on all Facebook Pages by the end of the month; are you ready? Have you got it right?

A business needs to be set up on Facebook as a Facebook Business Page and not a Profile.
Personal Profiles can be ‘friended’ and are for personal use, Facebook Pages can be ‘liked’ and are for businesses.

Some businesses may have been set up incorrectly as a Profile for a number of reasons; such as Pages hadn’t been implemented when the Profile was set up, or you may have simple just created it wrong by accident.

You’ll be happy to know that you can convert your Profile to a Page, without losing your friends. Any friends associated with the Profile will be converted to ‘Likes’.

There are several advantages to taking the leap and converting your Profile into a Page, especially now that Facebook Pages have been spruced up;

    1. You may be spending a fair amount of time responding to friend requests, with a page you won’t have to do this as a user can just ‘Like’ your Page and no action is required by you.


    1. All the important information you would want a customer or potential customer to see is displayed right below your profile picture.



    1. A mini-map will be shown below your cover photo which can be enlarged so people can find out exactly where you are based.



    1. One of the new Page features is the ability to highlight a post, which keeps it at the top of your page for seven days. This would be useful for announcing new products, events or an offer.



    1. The main new feature is a timeline, which allows you to show off the history of your business and milestones.



    1. Insights are a Facebook analytics tool which allows you to see things such as; likes, reach, people talking about your business and check-ins, you cannot not view any statistics like this on a Profile.



    1. Facebook have also brought in the option for users to message a page, so they can still ask you questions privately.



    1. You may not know that as a Facebook Profile you are limited to 5000 friends, whereas a Facebook Page can an infinite amount of ‘Likes’.


At the moment Facebook Timeline for Pages is optional, however on the 30th March all Pages will switch to timeline whether you’re ready or not.

Recently we converted a Facebook Profile into a Facebook Page for Gardening Delights and redesigned their page in the process.

With the end of the month approaching fast, what better time is there to get your business set up correctly on Facebook?


So many questions pop up when it comes to social media, but don’t get stuck, just head over to our social blogs for all the answers you need.

If you want your Facebook Profile converting into a Page and/or want your Page redesigning before timeline comes in, call us on 01543 495752 or email us at to see how we can help you.