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Bonjour humans, George here, back again on the blog. A lot has changed since my last blog in January.   We have been busy on our dog project this month, Costa Del Dog, converting the human foyer into a beautiful

Bonjour humans! Chops and Sammy have left me to take charge and paw the first dog blog of the year. This month’s took a lot of getting used to! We had a very sleepy start, and did not appreciate the

We need your help. We know the humans wouldn’t function at work without us. We think we are certainly the most professional, happy, cuddly, four pawed bosses assistants out there. But we know some of our pet pals have to

Bonjour humans You’ve not heard from us for a while, as Autumn has fallen and we have been very busy protecting our humans from all of the leaves throwing themselves from the trees. The humans laugh at us but we

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I’ve heard the humans talk about the importance of SEO, but I’m not sure if we’re barking up the same tree! My whole life is SEO, sleeping, entertaining and ogling, but the humans seem to think it’s something to do

We had a trip to Bingley Hall this weekend as spectators at the Stafford District Canine Society dog show. It was our furst time at an event like this and wow what a day. There were six show rings where

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You may know that we run a group of humans at The Marketing People. Well they keep talking about exhibitions, and giving tips on how to make the most of them. But, they don’t have the dogs eye view on

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Bonjour, et nihao Humans; George and Chops here, It’s been a while since we’ve tapped out a blog post; we’ve been furry very busy giving our clients a paw, and guarding the office, as you can see from the photo above.

Season’s greetings Humans! Pigs in blankets day is fast approaching and it will soon be time for us to break up and get a few naps in before Christmas Day. You literally have no idea how tiring it is shredding

Ca fait longtemps! (That’s ‘long time no see’ in French for you.) We’ve been furry busy over the past couple of months in the run up to Christmas but we’ve got some spare time to talk to you about something