Hi folks, It’s Lauren with your January update on all things Marketing People, and how we’ve been getting our 2016 started. After a very relaxing break with lots of movies and television being watched, we had lots of recommendations for

Last time we looked at how to build your brand, but what if your brand isn’t right for your company in the first place? We look at how to keep you on track during your rebrand. Businesses change as time goes

Bonjour humans! Chops and Sammy have left me to take charge and paw the first dog blog of the year. This month’s took a lot of getting used to! We had a very sleepy start, and did not appreciate the

  We have spoke previously on why branding is important, and why it should be prioritised. This week we’re looking at top tips for building your brand. As just having a brand is not enough, it’s how you implement it

What are some of the stories to make headlines in the marketing world in January? Global social ad spend doubled at the end of 2015 Which according to The Drum is all thanks to Facebook’s improved ad offering. The Drum

It is nothing new for marketing companies to say you not only need a great brand but brand should be priority, as it will help your business. This is no lie. But we know it can be hard to even