Hi folks, It’s Lauren once again with news of what February has meant for The Marketing People. First of all the important bit, what have we been watching? Well we’ve all been watching Jessica Jones (at various paces), and are

In an age of digital marketing, it can be really hard to see the purpose of print, or more traditional marketing methods. And yes, we will agree that you certainly should be looking to push your efforts on your website,

  Nihao humans, Chops here, with the full tail from February. It’s been a busy month for us marketing dogs, we’ve broken unbreakable toys, we’ve increased our door patrol by almost 25% more barks and we’ve broken our record for

As you will have seen in our last blog, we are looking at print, and more traditional marketing methods this month. Today we’ll be focusing on direct mail campaigns or “snail mail” as it’s sometimes known. At a time when

  In January we looked at some of the top marketing stories, such as global ad spend and Twitter potentially removing their character limit, as well as a great example of marketing from KitKat, and a little more of what’s

It can be hard to believe in printed marketing materials. In an age where our phone pings every few seconds with a new email, or notification of the latest deals from our favourite brands. But having a combined marketing strategy