Like dogs, seasonal advertising isn’t just for Christmas. There are plenty of times of the year where you may see an increase in sales. After the crazy Christmas period is over, or perhaps now during the calm before the storm.

Similar to topical advertising, creating topical content is creating content which links to a current news story or something which is popular.  Creating topical content shows people that a brand is on the ball, relevant and clever. Especially if they

Topical advertising is taking advantage of a news story or something current. Then creating an advertisement based around it. Topical advertisements can gain extra coverage for a business that they wouldn’t have received ordinarily. As it’s something people are interested

Bonjour humans, as you can see, I’ve been dressed up as Santa Paws, poor Chops didn’t get off lightly either. She’s had antlers stuck through her head. This means one of two things; Christmas is around the corner or our

This is something that we find really interesting, government wants UK companies to innovate their way out of the downturn and are supporting this by providing R&D tax credits as a tax incentive that may reduce your company tax bill.

Remove your IP Address From Google Analytics & Improve Your Reports Updated: 09/04/20 Google Analytics is a vital tool which helps you to keep track of traffic to your website, see how people are reaching it and what they’re doing