Staffordshire based Punk band Twinkle and The Sluts approached us to help with the development of their press kit, in readiness for the launch of new EP and to provide their Management team with effective tools for promotion. From meeting

You know Christmas is fast approaching when every single TV advert is ramming sparkly offers down your throat. Showing this years ‘must have’ Christmas present, all topped off with some terrible Christmas music. One advert stands out from the rest

At last, Pinterest Business pages are here! Despite not offering businesses pages, businesses have been using Pinterest to drive traffic to their website and increase sales since it first launched back in 2010. Pinterest is giving businesses with existing accounts

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LinkedIn is a professional social network which helps many people and companies gain business. So it only makes sense that they would overhaul Company Pages to make them more useful for both companies and users.  Let’s take a look at

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A recent HubSpot report shows that blogging can increase traffic to your website and the number of leads you generate. HubSpot looked at over 7,000 B2B and B2C businesses to see how the frequency at which they blog. The number