A Fabulous Destination – Anthony John Salons

anthony john salons blog post

We are very pleased to announce that one of our latest web projects is now live.


Anthony John Salons is an award winning hair salon based in the beautiful Heart of the Country Shopping Village near Lichfield. The salon is situated within a stunning, spacious barn conversion; the brand simply oozes sublime quality and luxury. It is THE hair destination.

Having started working with Tony, the founder at Anthony John Salons a good few years back, The Marketing People helped create the beautiful brand we know today. Of course, we did a few other bits too; we developed the website, designed and produced all the signage, the price lists, the appointment cards the gift vouchers ………stop us here, we could go on and on and on!

As we all know technology moves at a fast pace and keeping up with it can be challenging. It was time to revisit the original website and move ahead with a new fully responsive site that would be a beautiful showcase for the salon.
The project started by planning as all marketing projects should. If we could make that word PLANNING shout out at people when they are reading this, we would (Hmmm maybe we should develop an app for that). Planning is essential, that is why when we work with our clients, even those we have worked with for years we go back to the beginning and take a look at the bigger picture – it is not just about building a website.

With the brief agreed we went about producing wireframes that showed how each element of the site would work and how the structure and navigation would sit. Our designers worked closely with the client to select the right imagery and photography alongside our copywriters offering content guidance and creation.
Once all these elements were in place our talented marketing, content design & development team got to work, and the result is the fabulous responsive website you can now feast your eyes upon.

www.anthonyjohn-salons.co.uk just in case you missed it the first time.

Before and after

old anthony john site

responsive website

So how does all this help you and your business?

And what’s the point in a responsive website, you already have a website right?

Whether we like it or not we live in a multi-device world. Mobile web traffic has exceeded that of the personal computer; you cannot ignore the stats. Having a mobile/pad friendly site is not just a nice to have it is an absolute must! It is like having a high-street shop but keeping the door locked! People know you are there but can’t get in.
Fully responsive across all tech is, of course, a must for today’s savvy web searchers. For those of you who are not quite sure what responsive means:
Whether people are searching for your business or services on their phone, their pad, their TV or any other form of web-enabled techsearchery device they will be able to view your website perfectly without the horrible frustration of it not displaying as it should. Its simple if you pop out to buy milk from Tesco’s and its closed you go somewhere else don’t you. You do not wait around parched for Tesco’s to open again!