Why you should be selling the solution, not your products

why you should be selling the solution, not your product

why you should be selling the solution, not your product

Why do people buy things? Most of the time it’s because they have a problem and they need it solving.

For example:

1) My computer is too slow, I need a faster one.

2) I haven’t got a dress to wear to that fancy evening do, I need one.

3) My dog chewed through his lead, I need a strong one that’s also comfortable to hold.

4) We need a new printing company who will provide us with high quality prints the first time around that meets our budget.

5) Our website isn’t generating leads, I need a new one which will work effectively.

6) I’ve worked hard this year and I need a break. I want to go somewhere relaxing.

The above examples are all different but they all have one thing in common: the person has a problem and they need a solution. (We know, we know, many people hate the word solution.)


How do I sell the solution to a problem?

To sell the solution rather than your product you need to understand your audience and understand what their frustrations and problems are.

As consumers most of us are afraid of wasting our money on something that might not work and before we part with our money we want to be sure that what we’re buying is the best solution to our problem.

Think about your own experiences when buying a product. What did you want from it and why did you buy it from the retailer you did rather than their competition? What was it about them and their website that made you feel they were the right choice?

If you’re the company offering dog leads for problem number 3, it isn’t enough to say your dog lead is ‘the best’.  Why is it the best? What sets it apart from every other dog lead on the market that claims to be the best?

So your product description for the lead might read something like this:

‘The dog-lead-2000 is a rugged lead which is comfortable to hold and comfortable for your dog to wear.

Our extensive testing has proven that no dog can chew through it or snap it, so you can walk in peace knowing that your dog will not be able to break free from his or her lead again.

99% of our customers would recommend the dog-lead-2000 to a friend, read about their experiences below.’

The description solves the customers issue by telling them that the lead is rugged and that their dog cannot chew through it or snap it so they can buy it feeling reassured that what they’re getting is value for money.

To back up your claims allow customers to leave reviews on individual products. The majority of consumers won’t automatically believe you, they’ll will seek proof from people who own the product.

Showing reviews allows the consumer to find out about other people’s experiences and see whether it solved their issues too. If it does then they will feel confident that what they’re buying will work for them.


To recap:

  • Learn from your own experiences purchasing a product or service.
  • Think about customers’ pain points and tell them how your product or service can relieve that.
  • Show customer testimonials.

When you begin selling the solution to people’s problems you set yourself apart from other businesses in your sector who are just claiming to the best.

You show that you understand the customers’ problems, pain and that you have their best interests at heart.

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