Improve your company’s local search rankings with Google My Business Watch our short video and dramatically increase your local web visibility immediately. It’s easy to set up, it’s extremely effective, and best of all, it’s totally FREE. The Marketing People’s

We are pleased to announce the acquisition of John Hoey Web Design. At The Marketing People, we are continually looking at ways to improve the benefits our services provide our clients to achieve their particular business requirements and objectives. Enhancing

Website Lead Generation for Normans Book Keeping & Payroll Our brand development and subsequent website lead generation has been a massive success! We tied it all in together and provided the web visitor with just what ‘they needed’. ‘Book keeping

You may have heard us mention a number of times about landing pages, but we haven’t covered them in detail in any of our recent blogs. Today we’re going to take a closer look at landing pages in 2016, and

You’ve probably heard a lot about inbound marketing now, (we’ve talked about it previously). How you should be working on a customer focused marketing and sales plan, opposed to something more company centric. However you might not quite understand how

Similar to topical advertising, creating topical content is creating content which links to a current news story or something which is popular.  Creating topical content shows people that a brand is on the ball, relevant and clever. Especially if they

What is Inbound Marketing….Have you ever become tired of cold calling or maybe wish you could gain leads people contacting you? What is inbound marketing? Quite simply, inbound marketing let customers find you. Outbound marketing is where you reach out