A very Merry Christmas from all of us at The Marketing People, have some fun Christmas facts and stats on us, take note of our closing times for the year, and we will see you in 2016.

We have been busy bees on our blog this year, doing our best to inform you of industry news, great marketing examples and methods of best practice. Below we have our 8 most popular blog posts this year.    

  We’re back! Yes the humans have let us loose on the blog again. So we are here to bark you through The Marketing Dogs best bits! It’s been another pawesome year for us marketing dogs, with lots of work,

And we’re down to number one of our 12 Days of Christmas, and today we’re looking at … us! Normally our blog is reserved for advice, how to’s and examples of great marketing, but to end our countdown, we thought

Bonjour, Ni Hao … and Ahoj!From The Marketing Dogs The humans have asked us to be part of their 12 days of Christmas countdown as the 2 marketing dogs, which is brrrrrilliant, except for one thing … After we began

Earlier this season we looked at last year’s campaigns, and what they could teach us. So it’s only right to have a look at some of the best Christmas adverts of this year and see what is working and why.

We’ve spoken in our blogs previously about the case for direct mail, and how it still has it’s place in the marketing industry. But some people remain unconvinced. Even though it is shown that since 2004, letter campaigns marketing response

Your site should be optimised for SEO by your web designers. And as there a huge number of factors that go towards your SEO, it can be hard to focus on all of them. But how can you help to

Creating a brochure or catalogue may seem a simple, easy choice for your business, but there are a lot of points to consider to make sure the time and cost is actually worth it. If you’re looking to have a

2015 has been another fantastic year for marketing. With huge steps forward in the avenues we advertise on, and the way we advertise. We only thought it right to take a look at just a few of the best marketing