In a digital age where people are always looking to save money and time. Their search for a product, service or an event will usually begin online. If you own a small business, the chances are your business won’t be

Has your business got its own Facebook Page? If so, it’s important you understand what Facebook’s EdgeRank algorithm is. How it works and affects you and your Facebook Page. Over the past few months, most page owners, us included, have

Bonjour Humans, The look, feel and functionality of an e-commerce website and its product pages have a large part to play in whether people convert or not. Think of your product pages as a sales person. They need to have

Bonjour & Ni Hao Humans, Happy Chocolate & Flowers day!   Us dogs don’t really understand Valentines Day because we show our love all year round, and we think you business owners and marketers would love it if your customers

Bonjour Humans, I woof, oops I mean love, email marketing, it’s so much better than direct mail, though Chops will tell you otherwise. Email marketing allows you to do a huge amount of things; such as send out information about

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Email marketing is a simple and easy way to reach your customers. Better yet it allows you to easily segment your customers and send each group an email targeted to them. After working with Staffordshire based Browns Distribution at the

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Bonjour Humans, I spent last night surfing the internets for a new iBone cover (Chops chewed the last one). And I couldn’t help feel frustrated at the amount of poor product descriptions. Being the friendly Marketing Dog I am. I

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Bonjour & Ni Hao Humans, Last Monday we were sad that all the snow had disappeared, so we put together an email asking for you lovely humans to send us pictures of your pets in the snow. We really enjoyed