The Marketing Dogs: Best In Snow Winners

best in snow winners

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best in snow winners

Bonjour & Ni Hao Humans,

Last Monday we were sad that all the snow had disappeared, so we put together an email asking for you lovely humans to send us pictures of your pets in the snow.

We really enjoyed pawing over the pictures and seeing your pets having as much fun as we did.

The humans said that we could pick the three Best In Snow pictures. We received so many pictures that we really couldn’t choose just three. We put our brains to work and decided to get around it by choosing three Best In Snow each and one more for good luck! Aren’t we crafty?

Without further ado, here is our Top 6 Best In Snow, in no particular order because they’re all so pawesome!

Molly and Taylor P&R Alarms' donkeys

– Molly and Taylor

Cookie and Boo

– Cookie & Boo

Spirit in the snow


– Spirit

Rocky in the snow


– Rocky

Mylo in the snow

– Mylo

Lottie in the snow

– Lottie

Marley the Husky in the snow

– Marley

Thank you to everyone who sent us pictures of their pets in the snow and we hope you’ve enjoyed looking through our Top 7 Best In Snow.

Remember that you can now follow us on Twitter @TheMrketingDogs to find out what life’s like at The Marketing People for a Pug and a French Bulldog. In short, it’s very interesting.

Before we go, we just wanted to remind you that if you need any help with your marketing we can help you.

If you need a hand with web design, email campaigns, social media or digital marketing George is your man.

If you need a paw with stationery, brochure, exhibition graphics or any other printed collateral talk to Chops. You can email us on, or if you fancy talking to our humans directly, call them on 01543 495 752 and say The marketing Dogs sent you!

Got to go, the Postie has arrived, we’re going to trick her into giving us the post and then eat it.

Paws and licks,

George and Chops.

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