Gone are the days where you have to invest hundreds and thousands of £s into a TV Ad campaign. Now, you can simply use TrueView for Shopping in YouTube.com and get sales at a fraction of the cost, and in

If you want to reduce your Ad Spend, you must read this…. It is critically important to generate leads from your website, but do you know how to do this effectively? Read on to discover how to utilise your website

Google has recently released information about a new page experience metric that they are going to be including in their algorithms from 2021. This may potentially only be a small update, however, we would like to inform our clients and

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We are regularly asked by business owners to review their current ads and advise them on ways to improve the results of their campaigns.  We always come across the same issues. In this short blog post, we will be discussing

Our Managing Director David Mitchell, Vice President of Cannock Chase Chamber of Commerce, advises businesses to ‘measure twice and cut once’ when it comes to promoting and marketing their products/services. Throughout the Covid-19 pandemic, every man, woman and dog is

By now you should understand Google Ads- if not, click here to watch the video explaining those Search and Display Ads. What Are Native Ads? Facebook, Instagram and other social media platforms are Native Ad Networks that provide social interaction

Since Covid-19, the world has moved online: face-to-face meetings have transformed into Zoom meetings and Skype calls. In this short blog we are going to be discussing Zoom and how you can make the most out of this software in

If you would like to sell your products or services online, read our blog below to find out how to set up a successful eCommerce business. What is eCommerce? eCommerce allows you to operate your business online, selling your products

There are many simple mistakes that business owners make with their Google Ads. It prevents them from getting clicks and can cost them big money. This blog will discuss the 8 most common mistakes that are made with Google Ads.

Optimising your Image Alt Text makes your website more accessible and helps you rank higher in Google. But what actually is Image Alt Text? How do you optimise it? And what benefits can it bring to your website? Read on

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