Top 4 Tools Your Website Needs

Digital Marketing Tuesday

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In business, knowing your numbers is almost as important as cashflow. If you don’t know your numbers, you’re essentially flying blind. You’ll have no knowledge of what is happening when users visit, buy or make an appointment on your website. Therefore, you need these four tools in order to remarket in the future, track your current website visits and evaluate if your ads are converting.

Read on or watch our 90 second video below to discover which 4 tools you must start using on your website:

Tool One – Facebook and Google Remarketing Codes

Remarketing is essential. Many of your website views will be from users who are not yet ready to buy. Every user is going to be at a different stage of the buying cycle so you need to remarket to your users to stick in their minds and make sure they return to your site when they are ready to buy.

Facebook and Google Remarketing codes allow you to build a list of people who have previously visited pages on your website. This enables you to remarket to them across the internet, reminding them to return to your website when they are ready to buy.

Tool Two – Call Metrics Tracking Code

If your business requires new inbound enquiries, then this tool is essential. Call Metrics tracking allows you to know if your Google Ads are working from a telephone call point of view. Without this you cannot track new enquiries from your Adspend.

Tool Three – Google Conversion Tracking

This tool helps you to assess how well your ads are performing. It allows you to evaluate your ad campaign and see whether or not it is generating leads, downloads, sales etc. It is a vital tool as it allows you to optimise your campaign and make any necessary changes to get them performing better.

Tool Four – Google Analytics

Most website companies will install Google Analytics into your website when they build it but they typically will not teach you how to utilise it effectively. Google Analytics can provide you with heaps of information and with the right provider (The Marketing People *cough cough*) you can get endless benefits using it!

Google Analytics can inform you of how many visitors came to your website, what pages they clicked on, how long they stayed on a page for and so much more…

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