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Here are some simple ideas for your Christmas marketing, including the 12 days of Christmas! Christmas Marketing Idea 1. Christmas Decorations Ok this one is a must! you know you’ve got a website and various social media sites? Why don’t

Last year we offered you to opportunity to re-visit and celebrate with us the best blogs of the year. So what better time than the ending of a year to take another look back at our most popular blogs of

Marketing is stressful but at Christmas it seems especially, So businesses can make the most of customers spending so freely. From posters and shop signs and updates to their website. Everything clients can get their hands on is changed to

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  Twas the nightmare before Christmas … We all know that Christmas, as lovely as it can be a particularly testing time in business. Let’s paint a picture.   We’re talking about deadlines flying by. Everyone and their dog is

Its that time of year when everyone begins to reflect, and also a time a lot of people find hard to navigate. We thought we would do our bit to get everyone smiling by looking at some great news stories

  Social etiquette is a tricky one to those who are new to the world of social. So, in the spirit of Christmas and giving we’re going to take you through from A to Z what you should be considering

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Howdy humans, It’s almost bonfire night, which means it is time for fireworks, and blankets and tasty tasty food. So we thought we would take a look through our previous ensembles and pass on a few tips of dressing for

A very Merry Christmas from all of us at The Marketing People, have some fun Christmas facts and stats on us, take note of our closing times for the year, and we will see you in 2016.

And we’re down to number one of our 12 Days of Christmas, and today we’re looking at … us! Normally our blog is reserved for advice, how to’s and examples of great marketing, but to end our countdown, we thought

Bonjour, Ni Hao … and Ahoj!From The Marketing Dogs The humans have asked us to be part of their 12 days of Christmas countdown as the 2 marketing dogs, which is brrrrrilliant, except for one thing … After we began