Dog tips on dressing for Bonfire Night

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Howdy humans,

It’s almost bonfire night, which means it is time for fireworks, and blankets and tasty tasty food. So we thought we would take a look through our previous ensembles and pass on a few tips of dressing for the occasion.


Pick a good coat

We’re lucky that we have a mum with really good taste, she we get to wear great coats that keep us all snug.

all dogs in coats

You should look out for full body coverage

george in coat


But even then you still sometimes can’t impress us.

Chops unimpressed


Keep your head warm

It’s important to keep our furry faces nice and warm as the temperature is dropping. but this can be harder for some animals than others.



The cat wasn’t too impressed with having to join in this rule. She looks like she’s actually trying to repel the hat!

cat in a hat


And Chops looks a little like a Jedi, but she’s getting there with what it should look like.

chops hood


Keep safe.

George has got the idea here with his hi vis vest. Keep safe with your human at all times.

hi vis george


Or stay in and pick a good blanket.

We love a good blanket! We even have a number of ‘blanket poses’ so hopefully we inspire you.

The pile on. Now, this one involves grabbing as many blankets as you possibly can, and piling them on top of you to form a warm (and quite stylish) nest. This one involves a little bit of effort, as finding those blankets can be tough!

the pile on


The old lady. This is a specialist pose, and requires the help of a human. They wrap you up in a seated position, and though you may feel fabulous, you look like an elderly human lady.

the old lady


The envelope. This is where you lie on a flat surface (such as a desk) and have a blanket underneath you, and above you. Sammy is a classic envelope sleeper when she snoozes at work.

The envelope


The roly poly. This is so much fun! Get in your blanket, and roll and roll and roll. With a little help from a human, you will be like a toasty burrito in no time.

the roly poly


And our favourite, the group hug. Get the dog squad together, put on some good tele, and relaxxx.

the group hug

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