Throughout this month we are focusing on email campaigns, the tips, tricks, dos and don’ts to get you on track. Today’s blog looks at what not to do in an email campaign. As though they are a quick and easy

Email has changed in 2016. With a boom in automation and mobile use, we take a look at what this has done to email marketing statistics. Email is a marketing tool which goes back and forth as being “dead” and

Email marketing can be a bit of a minefield. So we’ve put together 10 quick tips for creating and sending an email to help you generate leads and sales. Make subject lines interesting and short Think of your subject line

Following on from the renaming and repositioning of SSC Learning to edo earlier this year. They couldn’t wait to get out there and start telling people about how edo could benefit businesses and help learners. Once we had completed the

You know what it’s like yourself, you have an inbox full of emails and you have no intention of reading them all; you just scroll down looking at subject lines waiting for one to catch your eye. So what can

Email marketing is a simple and easy way to reach your customers. Better yet it allows you to easily segment your customers and send each group an email targeted to them. After working with Staffordshire based Browns Distribution at the