The Marketing People’s MD features in regional Chamber of Commerce Magazine

The marketing people feature in Chamberlink magazine

Our MD David Mitchell was recently asked by the Chamberlink Magazine to write a feature article in their May edition. As a well-known magazine read by hundreds of Chamber members each month, this was a fantastic opportunity for David to share his deep knowledge and experience of marketing and communications with the Chamber of Commerce community.

With changing times, and more noise out there than ever before it was important to take a step back and ponder the question: how can we help businesses get the most out of their marketing?

In light of the May edition including various spotlight features on marketing and communications (Marcoms), David’s article discusses how getting the Marcoms strategies just right is key for both B2B and B2C businesses when communicating with customers. Often, communicating with potential customers is not a one size fits all process, but having the tools in place to begin with is key. For many businesses out there, they are doing a lot of work towards marketing, sometimes without even realising. Having a website, blog, chat facility, social pages, Facebook and Google paid ads – it’s all marketing but is the effect being measured and cutting through the noise?

The article draws attention to vanity metrics, the metrics that seem to be most sought after by managers- likes, comments, impressions, time on site. But truthfully, can we say that these metrics always have a direct impact upon return on investment? Sometimes they don’t correlate. Of course, these vanity metrics help with brand awareness and building your brand’s personality online but what you need is to connect with customers that will actually buy from you, and refer you to friends, family, and colleagues.

Chamberlink magazine front cover - May edition
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This takes us to our well-established process at the marketing people, by taking a step back from all the marketing activity that is currently going on and refer to the pre-marketing stage. Putting yourself in your customer’s shoes gives a better understanding of the messages they need to hear and via what communications channel. There is little point in implementing marketing strategies if the pre-marketing stage has not had sufficient time spent in planning, researching, and understanding target customers. Considering what your ideal customers need to see and hear to make them choose your brand is so important when you are trying to cut through the noise.

The truth is, what matters the most is a return on investment, increased sales, and connecting with the right customers. Every business and their target customers will require different messaging, at different times, on different channels – but it’s up to you to take things back a step and work on the pre-marketing stage. The article written by David sums this up well; “turnover is vanity – or in this case, views, likes is vanity, cash is sanity, period.”
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The marketing people feature in Chamberlink magazine

How we transformed a global manufacturing business, based in Burton Upon Trent, to thrive in an online market

Ginho new and responsive website. Mobile and tablet ready, built by The Marketing People

We are pleased to share another happy client to add to our ever-growing list of satisfied customers. It has been a rewarding challenge for our team to work with Ginho to build a modern, professional, and easy-to-navigate website.

Ginho’s branding and website were outdated and not fit-for-purpose in the modern industry. They needed reviving and updating, to give their brand a much better position in a competitive global landscape.

Improving Ginho’s existing website was an important change as for many of their customers, the website is often the first point of contact. We ensured customers could clearly and easily find the information they needed from the Ginho website by organising the navigation into clear categories. Showcasing Ginho’s specialisms, technological advancements, and capabilities on their website shows Ginho’s confidence, knowledge, and experience in what they do.

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Graphic design and advertisements created by The Marketing People

Graphic design by The Marketing People

Being an international and family-run business, a strong brand that resonated with customers from all over the world was important. We created a new brand ID and positioning statement to support Ginho in a competitive market. After establishing Ginho’s core values we created the strapline “Value in Everything” which encompassed everything Ginho stood for and provided to their customers daily.

Please head over to our case studies page to read an in-depth account of how we helped Ginho and provided them with a responsive, mobile ready, and professional website.

If this sounds like the kind of improvement your business needs, why not get in touch with us, call 01543 387 047.