How to Remove Your IP Address from Google Analytics

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Remove your IP Address From Google Analytics & Improve Your Reports

Updated: 09/04/20

Google Analytics is a vital tool which helps you to keep track of traffic to your website, see how people are reaching it and what they’re doing when they get there.

But are you using it correctly?

If you do not setup your reports correctly, you will:

  • Show an unrealistic increase in traffic to your site
  • Give you / your client inaccurate data
  • Harm your conversion rates

By including your IP address in Google Analytics, your data will include visits to your site from yourself, and anyone else with the same IP address i.e. your colleagues, and therefore be inaccurate.

Thankfully there’s an easy solution which allows you to exclude your IP address, meaning your statistics will provide a much more accurate reflection of visitors to your site, and it will add credibility to your website reporting.

Watch our short video and read our step-by-step guide now to find out how to exclude your IP address and start using Google Analytics correctly:

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Remove Users from Google Analytics – Step by Step Guide

Tip – Visit and it will tell you your IP addresses for both v4 or v6 depending on your internet provider.

1. Login into your Google Analytics account

login into google analytics

2. Open the relevant website account and click ‘admin’ in the bottom left hand corner of the screen.

admin menu

3. In the ‘account’ menu click ‘all filters’, or under ‘view’ click ‘filters’

Google analytics admin filters section

4. Click ‘add filter’
add filter - google analytics

5. Create new filter and then add ‘filter name’ (i.e. exclude my IP address)
add filter to view or account - google analytics

6. Filter type = ‘predefined’ and select ‘exclude’
select filter type predefined - google analytics

7. Select source or destination = ‘traffic from the IP addresses’
select source or destination dropdown - google analytics

8. Select expression = ‘that are equal to’
select expression dropdown - google analytics

9. Add IP address (remember to make sure you know if your IP is either static or public. Having the wrong one could cause incorrect data).

Tip – Visit and it will tell you your IP addresses for both v4 or v6 depending on your internet provider.
select filter overview section - google analytics

10. Save
save button - google analytics

That’s it! A quick and easy way to exclude users using your IP address in Google Analytics.

Can I remove multiple IP addresses in Google Analytics?

You can also exclude multiple IP addresses in the same way, but instead of using a predefined user setting, use the ‘custom’ filter type and use regular expressions. We recommend watching this tutorial on how to use regex expressions in google analytics

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