Rhino Locksmiths

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A new & improved website, various sales tools and digital marketing to present the business effectively and to increase sales in the extended geographical areas.

The Client

Rhino Locksmiths is a domestic and commercial locksmith, with a 24/7 emergency service.

rhino locksmith logo

The Challenge

Rhino Locksmiths approached us as they were looking to attract more customers and felt their current marketing & materials did not present them effectively. The business had grown in the Birmingham areas and the new Staffordshire service centre was about to launch.

Our client has gained many accreditations, outstanding reviews and awards over the years for their exceptional customer service, and their existing website and associated collateral was not reflective of their enviable reputation.

The client has also expanded their geographic footprint and wanted our help to target specific areas within West Midlands, Birmingham and Staffordshire.

Our Solution

Web Design

Rhino Locksmith’s old website didn’t present the business professionally, with duplicate copy, no mention of the awards and testimonials along with a poor user experience and no call button.

We worked with the client to review the existing site, highlighting any copy that could be used for the new site, and confirming areas for improvement.

We then designed and developed a new, easy-to-navigate website, responsive and secure including all content and imagery.

The simple navigational structure made it easy for potential customers to find all the information they need about their services. This was essential, particularly for emergency work, as visitors need the key details quickly to decide whether to make a call.

Our client wanted the new website to generate phone calls, so our calls to action were written to encourage enquiries, and the ‘Call Now’ button was added across mobile visits so it would call automatically from the site.

It was important to highlight the vast number of accreditations and awards that Rhino Locksmiths has gained over the years, so we displayed these in a professional, eye-catching manner across the site.

As part of our SEO services, we also implemented 13 landing pages on the website, to target specific areas highlighted by our client as key business development locations.

old rhino locksmith website

rhino locksmith website in mobile, tablet and desktop view


Our client has recently expanded and increased its regional coverage. They wanted The Marketing People to provide a solution to improve website visibility, in line with their expansion and to a set budget.

We started by looking at what the client had done previously, researching keywords within their niche (whilst building their website) and implemented a series of landing pages to include these keywords, to attract clients from their targeted locations.

We did this so they can start to gain visibility within these regions, and it sets the foundations for a cost-effective SEO strategy in the future.

seo locations

Digital Marketing

The client approached us to increase local sales calls in the new areas where the business has expanded into.

Before we started the campaign, we investigated who were their most profitable current customers. Once we established how to get the best return on investment, we built a digital campaign in the Search Network to target those searching for an emergency locksmith.

We looked at our client’s in-house past campaigns and we were able to identify that they were receiving calls from people who were locked out of their cars, or who had lost their car keys: this is not what the company wanted, so we immediately cut these out, save wasting the client’s time and money.

Now managed correctly, the campaign was targeted specifically at emergency landlord or homeowner locksmith enquiries.
All efforts are aimed towards generating inbound calls from the digital advertising for those requiring emergency locksmith work, as our client can quickly respond and prefers to close the sales from phone calls.

We are running Search Ads to drive phone calls at a better rate, which are sending people to the correct local landing page.

For staff training, we also track the inbound calls from the ads, informing management on how they can improve customer experience – a great addition we can include in our campaigns.

digital marketing campaigns for rhino locksmith

Graphic Design


We designed and produced business cards for members of staff, with a professional and clean design.

We ensured that the key messages and selling points were included on the cards i.e. accreditations & awards and their emergency call out service.

Security ID Cards

We created security ID cards for the engineers, including personal details, the Rhino Locksmiths brand and a professional retouched photo.

These were essential for the client as they show them as proof of authenticity before carrying out any work. It was vital that we included all key information on the cards and that it was displayed in an easy-to-read design.

stationary id cards for client


Professional photography was also retouched and included to show their engineers at work


From the content written from the website, and a previous flyer design, we created a promotional double-sided A5 flyer.

Our brief was that the front of the flyer was to promote the client’s emergency call out service, and the back of the flyer was for lock upgrades.

Compiling all the key information, we wrote engaging copy with relevant calls to action, then created a design to complement the content. As with the website and stationery, we ensured that accreditations and awards were clearly highlighted to build credibility.

flyers for Rhino Locksmiths


As a 24/7 locksmith, Rhino Locksmiths are always on the road, so van livery is a very cost-effective method of advertising for them. The Staffordshire area has its own dedicated number, so we designed accordingly.

We designed and produced livery for the bonnet, sides and back of their caddy van, making sure that all key contact details and accreditations were included on all points of the van.

van livery for company van front and side view

rhino locksmith company van

print production

Print, Production & Fulfilment


After designing the business cards for our client, we also produced them.
They were printed with a fast turnaround, so the newest member of staff was able to start working straight away.

Security ID Cards

We produced the plastic, laminated security ID cards to the highest standard, to a very tight deadline.


The flyers were designed and printed ahead of deadline on high-quality stock. With our knowledge of materials, suppliers and the print process, we can handle any print volume or specification.


As well as designing the van livery, we managed it in-house, so our client didn’t have to worry.

copywriting icon


Website copy

We were responsible for writing all the content on the new site.

After confirming Rhino Locksmith’s key service offering, target audience and benefits to client, we wrote targeted copy that would attract, engage, convince and convert domestic and commercial customers, whatever circumstance they found themselves in.

Visitors to the site are likely in an emergency, so the copy needed to be concise and factual, but also reassuring and show understanding for their situation, including many benefits to the customer.

Digital Marketing copy

To achieve our client’s objective of increased local sales calls, we wrote targeted copy to attract the right type of customers.

Our keyword research enabled us to create content to drive calls from people looking for emergency locksmith services.

Flyers copy

Taking the key messages from the website, we created the copy for the promotional flyers. We ensured that the content showed the benefit to the client and encouraged them to call the number or visit the website for more information.

We needed to get lots of information on the poster, without overcrowding, so we created concise and convincing copy.

The Result

Rhino Locksmiths now has the right marketing materials to encourage more sales opportunities.

The business is presented professionally and effectively in their sector and is representative of the credibility and reputation they have built up over the years.

The new website is their key tool for business acquisition, outlining their extensive service offering and convincing visitors to become customers, through persuasive copy and links to awards, accreditations and reviews.

Our SEO and Digital Marketing services have enabled the client to target their most profitable customers, increasing local sales calls and revenue.

“I was frustrated that my own current marketing efforts and my existing providers’ attempts to increase calls and clicks were not achieving what I wanted for the business. It all seemed like it wasn’t joined up and I was wasting money on digital ads and SEO. The website wasn’t being updated as I wanted, making it impossible to grow and launch into the Stafford area.

Thank you David and the team, within 3 weeks everything was sorted, and we had instant positive results from both the website and the ads. I’m now not spending time, money and effort trying to do marketing and tell others what I need them to do; you guys are sorting it for me, so I can focus on my business knowing it’s all in hand. I won’t hesitate to recommend you, and I didn’t think you worked with small businesses- glad you do.”