Anyone Can Do Our Job…

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Yes, you read that title right. Anyone can do marketing. But can anyone do marketing effectively? No.

Watch our video below where Managing Director, David Mitchell and recent graduate Danielle Jupp, discuss why marketing is not something that ‘just anyone’ can do.



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Danielle Jupp has spent the last week completing some work experience at the marketing people after recently graduating from the University of Derby.

“I wanted to be in business and to help people; the perfect solution there is marketing because you’re helping people build their business, grow sales and I think this is just the perfect combination of the two”.

As a result of education and experience, marketeers make strategic moves. Some businesses will just say what they want to say to people, rather than saying what that customer needs to see or hear to actually take the right action that the business want them to take against the marketing activity.


So, what is marketing?


Marketing is a profession, not a hobby. It’s difficult to the answer “what is marketing” as there are so many aspects to it but put simply, marketing is the process of establishing your position in the market place and communicating with existing/potential customers in a way that puts you ahead of your competitors, in order to attract, engage, convince and convert customers.

“One of the key things that Danni has mentioned is the psychology element and that’s what marketing is all about. But by being qualified to do it, there’s a big difference, it saves clients’ money, it saves time and it saves presenting yourself in the wrong way and I think the strategy is the most important bit”.

Being educated in consumer psychology has helped Danielle to put a focus on the consumer journey. “The journey doesn’t just start at customers calling you up for a consultation or to buy your products, the journey starts, for example, when they look for your website. Was it easy to find on Google? When they found it was it nice to look at and easy to navigate? All these things play on your psychology”.

One of the main things that businesses go wrong with is not being able to look at themselves objectively.

“You need to have a look objectively at who you are as a business and what you’re offering. Empathise with your target audience, really stand in their shoes, stand the other side of the table and look at what they require”.


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