Social Media

When it comes to social media for business, a lot of companies can find it hard to see the benefit.

But in an ever-changing world, social media should now be a key part of your marketing strategy, from connecting with your customers in a more personal way, to introducing new people to your brand and company.

Social media is fast becoming the most popular way for customers to interact with their favourite brands.

Our approach is simple. We won’t tell you that you need to be on Snapchat just because that’s where the audience is, and ephemeral marketing is “in”. We’ll listen to what your business is trying to achieve, and who you are trying to reach, before we even begin to discuss which networks will help you reach the right people.

We also won’t tell you that social media marketing is free, because it takes time to get it right, and time is money.

We understand that it can sometimes be hard to dedicate a team member or the time each day to keep your social running. So we try to help businesses in Staffordshire in a number of ways:

Social Accounts Set up

If you are not even sure where to start when it comes to social, you need to set up a specialist group or perhaps you want to make sure all of your social networks follow your brand, we can help.

We will set up the social networks that would be relevant for your company and give you the best opportunity to reach your audience. We’ll make sure they are instantly recognisable as your brand, and we can even train you on maintaining your page once it’s set up.

Social-Media Training

If you’ve got your accounts set up, but you’re just a little stuck on how to get the most out of them, we offer one-to-one training at our offices in Burntwood, Staffordshire on social accounts and blogs, to ensure you’re confident with your accounts.

So whether it’s how to craft the perfect tweet, when to post on Facebook or what on earth to blog about, we can sit down with you in our comfortable offices and go through all of your questions. We’ll even provide follow-up phone support to help keep you on track.

Social Account Management

If managing social media on the scale you want is a little too much to take on yourself, you don’t have the time or the team for it, or you’re just a little too stuck on how to make social media work for you, we can take it all off your hands, and manage your accounts.

Dependent on your business and what you want, we can work on a full social strategy across your accounts, posting researched, and engaging content to your followers.

We will analyse the results to continually improve the posts going out, and we can even provide reports each month so you can see exactly what your social media has done for your company.