The SEO advantages of blogging – Part 1

the seo advantages of blogging part 1

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the seo advantages of blogging part 1

There are many SEO advantages of blogging, (Search Engine Optimisation or SEO for short).

The list of advantages is extensive and putting them all in one post wouldn’t make for light reading. This post will concentrate on the direct SEO benefits of having a company blog.

This post relies upon the blog being held on the main URL, e.g. If your blog isn’t part of your websites domain your blog and website will be competing against each other in search rankings and your website won’t receive any of the SEO benefits a blog can bring.


Direct benefits – Immediate once cached by search engines.

Keyphrases are key (no pun intended) in SEO.

Using the correct key phrases in your blog post, title and tagging it correctly will help you to rank higher in search engines.

Take note and remember that stuffing your post with keywords will have a negative effect on your page ranking as search engines will see the post as spam.

Remember to use long tail phrases, as long tail searches will return fewer searches than a shorter one. There is less competition for a long tail search, which means your page will rank higher.

Posting new content regularly can increase the ranking of the website a blog is attached to. This is because a search engine sees that blogs URL is indexed the same as the main website and ‘links’ the two together.
Search engines like website’s which are updated regularly as it in theory means that your website contains up to date and relevant information, rather than information which is two years old and may be out of date by now.

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