Top 4 Tools Your Website Needs

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In business, knowing your numbers is almost as important as cashflow. If you don’t know your numbers, you’re essentially flying blind. You’ll have no knowledge of what is happening when users visit, buy or make an appointment on your website. Therefore, you need these four tools in order to remarket in the future, track your current website visits and evaluate if your ads are converting.

Read on or watch our 90 second video below to discover which 4 tools you must start using on your website:

Tool One – Facebook and Google Remarketing Codes

Remarketing is essential. Many of your website views will be from users who are not yet ready to buy. Every user is going to be at a different stage of the buying cycle so you need to remarket to your users to stick in their minds and make sure they return to your site when they are ready to buy.

Facebook and Google Remarketing codes allow you to build a list of people who have previously visited pages on your website. This enables you to remarket to them across the internet, reminding them to return to your website when they are ready to buy.

Tool Two – Call Metrics Tracking Code

If your business requires new inbound enquiries, then this tool is essential. Call Metrics tracking allows you to know if your Google Ads are working from a telephone call point of view. Without this you cannot track new enquiries from your Adspend.

Tool Three – Google Conversion Tracking

This tool helps you to assess how well your ads are performing. It allows you to evaluate your ad campaign and see whether or not it is generating leads, downloads, sales etc. It is a vital tool as it allows you to optimise your campaign and make any necessary changes to get them performing better.

Tool Four – Google Analytics

Most website companies will install Google Analytics into your website when they build it but they typically will not teach you how to utilise it effectively. Google Analytics can provide you with heaps of information and with the right provider (The Marketing People *cough cough*) you can get endless benefits using it!

Google Analytics can inform you of how many visitors came to your website, what pages they clicked on, how long they stayed on a page for and so much more…

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YouTube Advertising: Target Your Ideal Customers

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YouTube Advertising gives you the opportunity to get your product, service or brand in front of people who are in the “considering stage” of investing or buying your product.

YouTube is the second largest search engine after Google, with billions of hours of video being uploaded every day. It’s where 68% of consumers will go to look for product/service reviews before making the purchase decision.

Watch our short video now to find out how to target people based on their interests and online behaviour:

YouTube Advertising is a win-win situation. It’s cheaper than advertising on other social media sites and its targeting options are much more powerful too.

Here are just a few of the benefits:

• You can start advertising from just £5 per day and get sales
• There are B2B targeting options, not just products
• The first 29 seconds of your video are completely free!

Many other social media sites will charge you per impression, whereas YouTube only charge you if the viewer watches over 29 seconds of your video, or if they click the link to go to your landing page.

Here are a few examples of ways that you can market within YouTube, along with some of the sniper targeting options. Bear in mind that there are many things to consider so if you are thinking of running a trial campaign contact our expert team.

Ways of Advertising on YouTube

Search Ads

Digital marketing tuesday

The image above shows three search ads that appear after searching for the term ‘Xero bookkeeping review’. These adverts have been pulled from businesses who want to offer their services.

YouTube Advertising has allowed them to get in front of their competition and advertise their product, service or brand to people who are using search terms that are relevant to their business.

This is free advertising up until the advert is clicked on – just like Google Ads.

If you are unsure how Google Ads work then see our blog post here.

Targeted Ads

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This numbered image above displays a targeted ad that played before a fitness video. This video is perfectly targeting people who want to keep fit with a promotion for two pairs of leggings for £24.

After the first five seconds of the ad playing, a ‘Skip Ad’ button appears on the right-hand side (1). If this advert didn’t appeal to the viewer then they can skip it; if that happens it wouldn’t cost you a penny. The advert on the right (3) will remain there even if the advert is skipped.

There are two call to actions (2 & 3) which both take you through to a landing page where you can purchase a pair of leggings. Once again, unless someone was to click these call to actions (CTAs) these adverts will not cost you anything.

The company running this advert gets free advertising unless someone watches past 29 seconds (4) or clicks on one of the links (2 & 3). If this advert was on traditional TV it would cost the company thousands, if not hundreds of thousands, but on YouTube they will pay pennies for someone to watch the same length of content. Which one would you prefer?

How to Target Your Next Client in YouTube

Below is an image displaying the range of options you have at your fingertips:

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This image shows you just how targeted your adverts can be. You can specifically target people who are looking at these categories and essentially get in front of your competition’s video too- pretty clever stuff.
If you select, as an example, Baby & Children’s Products, your adverts will only show up for people looking for those specific products. It’s so simple but works so effectively.

What’s next?

Since you’ve come this far, it may be suitable to take the next step and jump on a discovery call with our in-house YouTube Ads expert.

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How to Win with Google Ads

Win With Google Ads

Google dominates the search engine market with over 72% of users worldwide, making it the most used search engine on the market. If you want more customers/clients contacting your business, then you need to be advertising on a platform that reaches the maximum amount of people possible.

To get more customers and sales, you need to be using Google Ads.

Watch our short video below to find out how you can win with Google Ads.

What is Google Ads?

With 5 billion daily searches every day, Google is the search engine of choice.

So that being said, it’s more than likely that you have come across Google Ads whilst looking for a gift, a restaurant, the latest gadget or simply looking for the meaning of a phrase.

We use Google like we used to use Yellow pages; we use it in moments of information gathering or wanting to buy something. We call this ‘the moment of intent’ and there are 5 Billion moments every day on the Google network.

Google Ads (previously known as Google Adwords) is Google’s online advertising platform that enables you to get your message in front of that person in the moment of intent. You won’t pay Google anything to appear in the auction: it’s free-now, you only pay if that person clicks on the ad. What you pay varies massively, so speak to a team member today to see how we can help you get the best out of the platform.

It runs on pay-per-click (PPC) advertising which essentially means that you (the advertiser) pay every time someone clicks on your advert.

What are the benefits of using Google Ads?

There are many benefits of using Google Ads. Here are just a few:

• Google has a massive audience as it is the most used search engine; this means that more people will see your adverts!
• You can advertise to both a global and local audience.
• You can personalise your adverts to ensure you reach your target audience at the right time.
• You can advertise to people who are specifically looking to purchase your product/service.

Another great thing about Google Ads is that you don’t need a big budget.

Any business of any size can start a Google Ads campaign. You can even create daily budgets so you can be sure that you’re never spending more than you want to.

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Types of Google Ads

There are multiple different ways that you can advertise with Google Ads but in this blog we will be focusing on Call Ads, Display Ads and Google Shopping.

Call Ads

Call Ads do exactly what you would expect; they encourage people to call your business.

These types of adverts only appear on devices that can make phone calls, eliminating any barriers that could stop the user from phoning your business.

Display Ads

In order to understand Display Ads, you first need to understand what the Google Display Network is.

The Google Display Network is a group of over 2.5 million websites, apps and videos that display adverts. It has a lot of advanced targeting options, enabling you to strategically advertise to potential customers who are currently looking for your product/service. This allows you to find your perfect audience.

So, Display Ads are shown all over the Google Display Network in front of the right audience at the right time.

Sample of Google Display Ad:

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How to get the most out of your Google Ads

Google Ads is great for remarketing, or as some call it, retargeting.

This is the practice of bringing past visitors back to your site if they have been a visitor in the last 10 days, for instance, giving you the second bite of the cherry, so to speak.

Why is remarketing so important?

On average it takes a customer around 21 days to go from thinking about your product/service to actually purchasing, so it means without remarketing you are losing sales.

This means that your business needs to keep in contact with that potential customer over a period of 21-days. Google Display Image Ads are a fantastic way of doing this to increase brand uplift and direct sales.

For more information about the average customer journey and how to optimise it, watch our short 90-second video below:

How to Optimise Your Customer Journey video 

Google Shopping Network

If you are selling products, Google Shopping is essential. You can put your product right in front of someone that is looking to buy it.

You will need a more advanced set up however once you have the product feed set up, and with all the right back end tracking it can explode your business very quickly indeed.

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One area we haven’t uncovered here is the video network YouTube (which is another Google-owned network)

Click below to get our favourite ways to get sales with YouTube Ads:

Why Your Business Should Use YouTube Ads video

If you have any questions or need any help with your Google Ads, then give the marketing people a call on 01543 495752.

How to Get More Calls from Google Ads

How to Get More Calls from Google Ads

Does your business require phone calls to make sales? If so, then you need to be using Google Call Ads.

Watch our 3 minute video now to find out how to increase calls from potential customers through your Google Ad campaigns:

Google Call Ads make the process of phoning your business a lot easier for customers. The adverts appear in Google’s search results as any standard advert normally would, but they are purposefully designed to encourage phone calls as opposed to clicks.

Top tip: Call Ads only appear on devices that can actually make phone calls!

So how do Google Call Ads make the process of phoning your business easier for clients?

This is the customer journey for phoning your business if you are NOT using Google Call Ads.

Customer Journey WITHOUT Google Call Ads:

Step 1

Your potential customers would see your advert appear in Google search whilst using either their phone or desktop.

Step 2

They would click on your advert which would take them to your website.

Top tip: Send these potential customers to a landing page specific for their needs. DO NOT send them to the homepage of your website.

Step 3

The potential customer would fill out a form submission or eventually call your business, providing that your phone number is clearly displayed and easy to locate.

Now let’s take a look at the steps they would take if your business used Google Call Ads.

Customer Journey WITH Google Call Ads:

Step 1

Your potential customer/client would see your advert displayed on Google search.

The main difference between this first step in each customer journey is the platform that the ads are displayed on.

In this customer journey the adverts are only displayed on devices that can make phone calls, ensuring that the potential customer can make a phone call as soon as they see the ad.

Step 2

Once they have seen your Google Call Ad, they will click it and call your business straightaway.

As you can see, with Google Call Ads the process becomes much simpler and shorter. Call Ads remove any potential obstacle that the customer could face; if they are seeing your advert, then they are able to call you straight away.

If you have any questions or need any help with your Google Ads, then give the marketing people a call on 01543 495752.